MISS TEENAGER 2010,  which will be the third edition and is being held in the pacific country of COSTA RICA with more than 40 international Queens, who will be at the Grand Finale on the 17 of October.

Costa Rica is a Central American Country. Nicaragua borders it from the North and Panama to the Southeast. Its territory is touch by the Caribdean Sea on the east, which also shares the same marine border with Nicaragua, Colombia and Panama and on the West is the Pacific Ocean. The capital, and the political and economic center is San Jose. The official language is Spanish. Costa Rica, one of the consolidated democracies of the americas, has held good social stability despite the declining economy and politics for the past 25 years. It is the only country in Latin America that is included in the list of the 22 oldest democracies in the world. They won worldwide recognition when they abolish their army on 1 December 1948, abolition was perpetuated in the 1949 Constitution. Costas Rica occuppies the third place worldwide in the classification of the Environmental Performance Index 2010. Among Latin American countries, Costa Rica occupies first place in the classification of tourism competitiveness index, and place 42 worldwide. Its human development index is the sixth fastest in Latin America. MEET COSTA RICA www.visitcostarica.com