INTERMODEL INTERNATIONAL GROUP was born in Guatemala in 1997 to contribute to the communication and dissemination of Guatemalan beauty for Central America and the Caribbean.
After fourteen years of work and with proven experience in the field of fashion and beauty pageants production, in 2001 the company takes an international turn in order to disseminate not only the beauty but the Guatemalan culture in and abroad with the contests.

Mini Miss Guatemala ® - Miss Teenager Guatemala ® - Mini Miss Festival, Teen, Petite, Miss Lady and Mister Tourism Guatemala ® - Miss Guatemala Pacific ®

Miss Teenager Pageant ® - Mini Miss Festival, Teen, Petite Miss Lady and Mister Tourism of the Americas ® - Mini Miss Festival, Teen, Petite, Miss Lady and Mister Expoworld ® - Miss Pacific ® - Queen Bikini International®

MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT, our leading brand

With the clear notion that youth is the future of humanity, "MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT" Each year a lovely group of adolescents get together with clear goals and dreams ahead, eager to make this a better world, full of peace, education and social equality, promoting healthy competition and promoting moral values in each of our activities.

In its fourth edition, 2011, The Mark "MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT" has managed to consolidate in the industry of the fascinating world of beauty pageants as the largest and most important event of teenagers worldwide, counting this time with more than 40 delegates from the 5 continents.

Our first three editions 2008 - 2009 - 2010 are held in:

TEENAGER MISS PAGEANT 2011 "Taking care of my world and  healping an Planet.

Will be held in GUATEMALA "HEART OF THE MAYAN WORLD" being the final on October 9th.
With support from strategic partners from different companies, we are preparing a great show that will wow locals and international visitors.

Based on our commitment "Taking care of my world and helping an Planet." take a turn with a commitment to educate, recreate and preserve our world, starting from Guatemala with assistance to the National Zoo " La Aurora" and that our activities will focus on the site of the park, one of the five best and most beautiful in Latin America, fulfilling the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Intermodel International Group and sponsors will mark his contribution to the National Zoo remains one of the first and leading, ensuring and promoting the preservation and conservation of all animal species, both native and exotic species and contribute to the recreation of Guatemalan families through a natural environment and learning. Becoming the best natural habitat in Guatemala for all animal species in captivity to live in the La “Aurora” National Zoological Park.
The 45 contestant from the international beauty will be dressed in Guatemala with luxury and prove to be a beautiful country, peaceful that knows how to receive and accommodate our guests.

MISS TEENAGER PAGEANT ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK WITH THE NUMBER 173628 FOLIO 99 VOLUME 437 SET OUT IN ROW OF 41 IN THE BEAUTY EVENT and this distinction is owed to the work and producing the finest professionals in our organization made up of a technical team interdisciplinary journalists, communicators (as) advertising (as), designers (as) and producers (as), whose work as a team and coordinated with local stakeholders generates communication products, highly effective.